Unique Training Institute

The educational system of the rapidly changing world longed for a much-needed change. Unique Training Institute came up with the idea of transforming the way the modern world looks at education. Our Research and Development department, assisted by veteran educators, suggested various effective strategies to revolutionise educational centres across the world wide. We stand out for our excellence in teaching, learning, and exceptional coaching experience.

The Unique Training Institute provides customised one-on-one tutoring facilities to cater for each student’s requirements. The classes are assigned after an initial assessment of the student to tailor the perfect curriculum for them. All the classes are conducted by handpicked educators who undergo a lengthy and rigorous selection process. To bring out the best in your child and to ensure their success, we provide assistance and support in assignments along with monthly progress reports.
The Unique Training Institute invites young people in Sri Lanka to join for skills development programs. The main goal of the Institute is to encourage and support candidates to engage in foreign jobs.

The Institute aim school leavers, new job seekers, those who stay at home expecting upcoming results and those who newly engaged in work places to train and improve their knowledge and skills support them for foreign employments.


is a team of a qualified Professionals and Industry Experts committed to delivering excellence.

We collaborate with International job employment agencies to explore foreign job opportunities.

You will get a personalized study plan that will support you to achieve your learning objectives.

The Program Consultants can help you define your realistic expectations and professional goals. Choose the right study program as you desire.


A personalized study plan will be developed that will help you achieve your learning objectives and reach your career goals


Add values to your profile and stand with confidence at international job markets.


Through studying UK graduation programs, you can expand your global network.

We Save your time


online classes at your convenience.

Develop your skills


Work abroad Earn more

We guide School Leavers to choose the Higher Studies that suits best career path

Your Future Starts Now!


Unique Training Institute offers General English Language training courses. Students are graded into Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced classes based on preliminary assessment.

We invite School leavers to join us to learn English Language. Our aim is to maximize the number of Sri Lankan youth communication in the English language.

To pursue the best career path, school leavers are guided to choose the right higher education program. One of our objective is to inspire school leavers to define their purpose in life, mission and allow them to reach full potential and achieve their goal.