Unique Training Institute


About Us

Unique Training Institute (UTI) was founded for Sri Lankans to provide with valued learning and training opportunities and award certification. One of our main objectives is to offer skills and competency development programs to our students, encourage and guide them to work abroad.

We are a dedicated team of qualified professionals, industry experts and businessmen. We develop training courses to meet the requirements of the international job market.

Whilst maximizing the number of foreign job opportunities for Sri Lankans, we are committed to collaborating with foreign job agencies and help to make our students eligible for foreign jobs via our Career Engagement Network.

Our Institute aims to train and develop the knowledge and skills of school leavers, new job seekers, those waiting at home for results and those who have recently joined work places so as to assist them in acquiring foreign employments. Upon joining our Institute, we continue to work closely with students to monitor their progress by providing them with necessary instructions and guidance from the preliminary stage up to the time they achieve their career goals.

Our students ensure their learning is applied effectively in the workplaces to improve their performance.

In addition to offering a wide range of training and learning opportunities, we are devoted to providing our expert knowledge, experience and guidance to understand our students’ requirements and engage them in their chosen fields.

We offer quality and cost effective training and learning opportunities for Sri Lankans. To assess our students’ performance and to award certificates, approved methodologies are in place.

We affiliate with foreign Universities and launch academic study programs of UnderGraduation, Post-Graduation, and Master Programs at very reasonable prices. We are committed allow our students to acquire most rewarding professional jobs in the international job market.

why you choose us



The fee for the programs is highly affordable. Monthly payment plan is in place.



Learning sessions scheduled on weekends and week-day evenings that fit for working professionals.



Nationally registered and formed links with the industry. Assessment and Certification award as per standard.



To master the knowledge, the curriculum has been developed to match the requirements of the international opportunities. More emphasis on Globalization, Technology and Stakeholder Value and Relationship Management. Develops the ability to solve business problems independently, communicate to stakeholders efficiently and effectively. Helps become an effective decision maker in the workplace.



Encourage and guide to focus international business opportunities. To work abroad and earn more.



A dedicated team provides continuous guidance and professional support through close interaction from the preliminary stage towards the success of the career goals.



Accessible to Career Engagement Network [CEN] to explore international opportunities.

Our Mission


To become the best Institute that delivers excellent training and learning programs tailored to adapt Sri Lankans mindsets towards global business opportunities.

Our Vision


To provide training and learning opportunities for Sri Lankans with the highest standards.
Explore foreign employment opportunities and encourage and guide our students to work abroad.

Our Objectives


1.  Provision of excellent training opportunities to Sri Lankans to engage them in foreign professional jobs.

2.  Develop training programs to match the needs of the international job market.

3.  Awarding certifications to students based on standard assessment criteria.

4.  Support, guide, and encourage Sri Lankans to work abroad.

5.  Dedicated to maximizing the highest number of Sri Lankans communication in English.

6.  Teach school children to speak in English and change their mind-set towards the International job market.

7.  Explore foreign job opportunities for Sri Lankans and disseminate that information through UTI’s Career Engagement Platform, and guide and support them to succeed in their career goals.

8.  Collaborate with foreign job agencies to introduce our students to foreign job opportunities.

9.  Affiliation with foreign universities for Sri Lankans to study graduation programs.

10. Provision of scholarships for orphans and severely impoverished families.

School leavers... Your Future Starts Now!

Improve your skills until you get your exam results.
School Leavers are guided to choose the right higher education Program to pursue the best career path.
Our goal is to inspire school leavers to define their purpose in Life, Mission and allow them to reach full potential and achieve their goals.